Want to put a hold on a book, check a due date or renew a book
from your mobile device? There's an app for that!

free app called BookMyne™ lets our library patrons search, renew, browse book lists, put holds on new books and scan barcodes to see if our library owns a copy of the latest book on your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device. Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Android Market

Click on BookMyne User Guide for detailed instructions on how to use BookMyne:

 BookMyne User Guide (pdf)

BookMyne™ mobile application provides mobile access to in-demand library information, holdings and services, and a myriad of patron-pleasing features. 

Here are some of the things you can do with the BookMyne™ mobile app:

Scan barcodes:  If you see a book you like at a friend's house or a bookstore, scan the barcode and see if the library has it.

Access your account Check due dates, place a hold, renew a book - almost anything you can do online, you can do on your device.  You can even get alerts when books are due or holds become available.

Stay logged in Ask BookMyne to retain your details, so you won't have to log in each time.

Search the catalog Search the catalog by author, title, subject or keyword.  You'll see book summaries, cover images, number of copies and more. 

Check bestseller lists: See what's on the bestseller lists, cross reference with our holdings, then place your hold.

See what your friends recommend:  Search the catalog for friend-recommended titles.  (Social recommendation engine powered by Goodreads.)


For other mobile device users, SirsiDynix discovery technologies are supported on smartphone browsers for mobile-friendly access.
Technical Specifications:

  • BookMyne is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
  • Barcode scanning capability available using iPhone and Android phones' camera function.
  • All libraries with SirsiDynix Web Services installed (free) can be accessible via BookMyne.
  • Supported in French, Spanish, German and English languages