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Sneak Preview - 15,000 new eBooks from eRead Illinois

Morton Library has joined a program offered by the Illinois State Library called eRead Illinois. 
In addition to our permanent eBook collection,your library card gives you access to nearly 15,000 additional eBook titles. Further instructions and classes will be offered in March 2015 – but you are welcome to check it out today at eRead Illinois.


Morton Library Winter 2014-15 Newsletter Online

The Morton Library Newsletter, Book Words, is now available on our website
and as an e-newsletter that you can subscribe to and receive via email. 


Correction to our Newsletter About Genealogy Corner

Our Genealogy Corner does meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. as printed in our newsletter. However, we meant to add that Genealogy Corner meets from March to November. They will not meet in December, January or February. The next class will be March 31, 2015 at the library. Please call the library at 309-263-2200 if you have any questions.


Technology Classes at Morton Library

Beginning December 27, 2014 and until January 22, 2015, Morton Public Library is offering a series of technology classes, especially helpful to those receiving electronic devices for Christmas. These classes are open to the public and provided at no cost – but many of them require prior registration. Interested parties should register by calling the library at 309-263-2200 or via email at Classes can also be found on our Library Calendar.

    The following classes will be offered: (click here for class descriptions)
    -Downloading Library eBooks
    -Unpacking you iPad
    -Getting Started with your Android Tablet
    -iPad Course for Beginners (3-week course)
    -iPad for Beginners
    -Using the new Library Catalog
    -iPad Advanced Beginner 

*Click here to view the entire class schedule with dates and times.*


Kids' News at Morton Library...


Library Reads "Favorite of Favorites" December 2014 List

Library Reads "Favorite of Favorites" December Listclick here

Are you a library patron that loves to browse the "New Books" shelves? Then you might want to check out Library Reads!

What is Library Reads?
Library Reads is a list of the top ten books that librarians across the country love. Librarians and library staff from across the country vote each month for their favorite books. Each month’s list is made up of adult fiction & non fiction titles that are newly published that month. Whichever ten books get the most nominations go onto the monthly list.

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If You Missed TEDx Tuesday...

An annual conference called TED(short for Technology, Education and Design) was created in 1984, and this fall we are sharing some of the best videos from TED at Morton Library. If you missed our TEDx Tuesday...

You can watch our Fall 2014 TEDx Tuesday Videos here!

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Golden Tickets Hidden at the Library!

As part of the library's 90th anniversary celebration, 100 “golden tickets” have been hidden in books at the Morton Public Library.

Each ticket is good for a prize, either a library tote bag, cup of coffee or hot cocoa or bottle of water.

 Clues: While we don't want to provide too many clues about where the

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New Feature: eSequels, A Guide to Novels in a Series

Have you ever finished a book only to find it was #3 in a series? Has a friend recommended a book to you, but all you can remember is that it featured a main character named Alissa who lives in Glenbrooke?

Morton Library has a new service that can help you find that title and read series fiction in order: eSequels: A reader's guide to novels in a series.

eSequels is current and complete. You will be able to find the newest title by your favorite author, subject, character, or setting. There are also brief annotations that describe each title without giving away any surprise endings. eSequels focuses on American and British adult series fiction. 

You will find a link to eSequels on our website under Books & eBooks, Services, Online Resources, and Readers' Corner.


Morton Public Library's 90th Anniversary!

On April 23, 2014, the Morton Public Library had a special celebration in honor of our 90th anniversary.

WMBD News was there to capture the event. Click here to view the news clip 

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