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Golden Tickets Hidden at the Library!

As part of the library's 90th anniversary celebration, 100 “golden tickets” have been hidden in books at the Morton Public Library.

Each ticket is good for a prize, either a library tote bag, cup of coffee or hot cocoa or bottle of water.

 Clues: While we don't want to provide too many clues about where the tickets are hidden, many are in popular and newer books. Several are in books written by John Steinbeck because Morton High School students are often assigned to read his works. The tickets were placed on page "90" in the books. Tickets weren’t placed into the approximately 10,000 children’s picture books because they typically aren’t long enough to have a page 90.

The golden ticket idea came from the popular 1964 children’s book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” by British author Roald Dahl. In the story, chocolatier Willy Wonka hides golden tickets in five chocolate bars that are good for passage into his magical factory and a lifetime supply of his chocolate. Sorry, no lifetime supply of chocolate here, but we hope our winners enjoy the small surprises we do have!

Tickets can be redeemed at the library’s circulation desk through the end of the year.

The scavenger hunt is part of our year-long celebration of the library’s 90th anniversary.

Good Luck!