A note from Mrs. Snoke...


Hi Kids,

Happy February! February is one of my favorite months because it is known as the month of love and friendship. We start seeing people wearing brighter colored clothes and lots of pink and red hearts are everywhere you go. We get to celebrate Valentine’s Day which is a great opportunity to tell people just how much you care about them.

You can read more about Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine at the library. We have a book titled Valentine’s Day by Terri Sievet that tells how Valentine’s Day came into being. Mr. Sievert points out that Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently from country to country. It is fun to read how other countries celebrate this day of friendship and love.

You are invited to make a valentine for a friend, teacher, or family member during your visit to the library. I will also be collecting valentines to give to senior citizens within our community. Craft materials, paper, and stickers are available at the tables by the Children’s Desk.

Lots of kids are taking part in the library’s Frosty’s Readers which goes through March 28th. For every 10 picture books or every 3 chapter books you read you can win a new book to keep. Book logs are available at the Children’s Desk. So pick one up during your next visit.

February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s a great reminder on the importance of taking good care of our teeth. You can find books about going to the dentist and how to care for your teeth at the library. Here is a sample list of book titles we have available:

Do I Have to Go to the Dentist?  Author: Pat Thomas

Dora- Show Me Your Smile. Author: Christine Ricci

Smile for the Dentist. Author: Cecilia Minden

Your Body Battles a Cavity: Author Vicki Cobb

Be creative and enjoy this heartwarming month. I hope to see you soon.

Mrs. Snoke