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Ghostly Good Reads

Halloween is drawing near. If the library is one of your favorite haunts, come in and check out one of our many ghost stories. It’s the perfect time to grab a chilling (or not-so-chilling) book of suspense and curl up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  For a good scare, a spooky mystery, or just a fun paranormal romance try some of these titles:

  • Cypess, Leah. Nightspell. YA CYP  - Prince Vari of Raelli is determined to create an alliance with the kingdom of Ghostland, a place where ghosts mingle freely with the living. He has sent his youngest sister, Callie, into the strange land to marry their prince. But Callie’s older sister, Darri, assured her that she would save her.  After a murder and a change of plans though, Darri suddenly finds herself as the new bride-to-be in place of her sister with a ghost for a groom. 
  • Smith-Ready, Jeri. Shade. YA SMI – The world has gone through a shift. Everybody who was born after a certain date can see and talk to ghosts. Sixteen year old Aura was the first child born after the shift. She tries to avoid ghosts as much as possible, until her boyfriend Logan dies and becomes a ghost himself.  Aura is searching for the answers to a lot of questions and Zachary, the new transfer student, wants to help. Aura feels torn between the living and the dead. 
  • Hurley, Tanya. Ghostgirl. YA HUR – All Charlotte Usher wanted was to be popular and for her crush, Damen Dylan, to notice her.  So it is very inconvenient when she chokes on a gummy bear and dies before her first day of freshman year is even over.  After the incident, she finds herself in a very unexpected place: Dead Ed. It is a school to help kids move on after death. But Charlotte isn’t ready to give up the world of the living and embarks on a series of comical escapades to achieve her goals.
  • Nichols, Lee. Deception: haunting Emma. YA NIC – Seventeen year old Emma Vaile has been abandoned by her family, leaving her alone in their San Francisco home. To top it off, her best friend won’t have anything to do with her.  Just when social workers are about to step in her older brother’s best friend, Bennett Stern, shows up and takes charge. She is swept away to his family’s home in Massachusetts and promptly put into a private school. When she starts seeing visions she is afraid that she is going crazy so she confides in Bennett who informs her that they are both able to communicate with ghosts.  
  • Kade, Stacey. The Ghost and the Goth.  YA KAD – When popular Alona Dare is hit by a school bus and becomes a ghost she is distressed to discover it didn’t take her fellow classmates long to move on. Then she realizes that Will Killian, a loner at school, can see and hear her. Alona badgers Will until he agrees to help her figure out how to move on. 
  • Gibson, Marley.  Ghost Huntress. Book 1, The awakening. YA GIB – Kendall, age 16, has grown up in Chicago. Her life changes drastically when her family moves to Radisson, Georgia and she starts seeing ghosts. The ghosts realize she can see them and they all want her attention. 
  • Armstrong, Kelley. The Summoning. YA ARM – Chloe Saunders has never liked basements. Until recently she didn’t remember the reason for that: basements are where ghosts tend to hang out and she can see them.  An incident at school leads to Chloe being sent to Lyle House with other troubled teens. It soon becomes obvious that Lyle House is just trying to cover up the truth about the teens that are sent there.
  • Crewe, Megan. Give up the Ghost. YA CRE – Cass McKenna is a loner and she likes it just fine. After all, she can see and speak to ghosts, who are full of all sorts of information and secrets. Her sister Paige, who is a ghost, is her only friend. When Tim, the student council vice president discovers her ability he seeks her help in contacting his mother.
  • Avi. The Seer of Shadows.  YA AVI – Horace lives in New York just after the civil war. When he becomes the apprentice to a spirit photographer he soon learns that he actually can see ghosts and can capture their images in his photos. When he becomes connected with the ghost of a young woman who is out for revenge he tries to do the right thing.
  • Dahme, Joanne. Creepers. YA DAH – Courtney, age 13, moves right next door to a cemetery that has been there since the 1700s. Making the setting even creepier is the ivy that climbs over everything. Then Courtney befriends Margaret Geyer who is trying to unearth old family secrets and they both become wrapped up in the mystery.
  • Cabot, Meg. Shadowland. YA CAB – Suze does not like old places. They are always more populated with ghosts, who she can see and talk to but would prefer to just ignore. They always want her help with something though. So she is not thrilled when her mother remarries and they move into a big old house that was built in the 1800s. She is even less thrilled to find a ghost living in her bedroom. But Jesse is different and doesn’t seem to want her help with anything.
  • Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book. YA GAI – Bod, short for Nobody, was orphaned as a baby and adopted by a very nice old couple. They love him very much but they just happen to be ghosts, which means that Bod has to live in a graveyard. As long as he stays there the ghosts are able to protect him. But Bod longs to leave the cemetery and see what the outside world is like.