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Get In The Groove

Here are some groovy books that will take you back to the 1960s and ‘70s right along with our Pumpkin Festival theme.

Oppel, Kenneth. Half Brother. YA OPP – In the early 1970s Ben’s family goes through a lot of changes. His family moves from one part of Canada to another where he has to go to a new school and make new friends. On top of that they have also adopted Zan, a chimpanzee which they are to treat as a human as part of an experiment. 

Holt Willis, Kimberly. When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. YA HOL – 1971: The year Toby turns thirteen. The year he loses someone to the Vietnam War. The year his mom leaves to pursue a singing career. And the year that Zachary Beaver comes to town and changes everything.

Perkins, Lynne Rae. Criss Cross. YA PER – A leisure read about a small town and the life of its teenagers during a summer in the 1960s.  

Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders. YA HIN – For Ponyboy Curtis, high school is not an easy place. It’s not because of the school work however, but the  tension between social classes. Set in the late 1960s.

Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Watsons go to Birmingham. YA CUR – Kenny Watson is the middle child  and narrator of this story. His family decides to leave their home in Michigan to live in Burmingham, Alabama where his grandmother is.  The year is 1963 and the Civil Rights Movement is just beginning

Kadhota, Cynthia. Cracker! YA KAD – Cracker is a German Shepherd and was the pet of a boy named Willie. But when the Army needs dogs to help them in the war that is going on in Vietnam, Cracker becomes part of the U.S. Military. Much of the book is told from the dog’s point of view.

Jones, Traci L. Finding my Place. YA JON – In 1975 fourteen year old Tiphanie Baker moves with her parents to the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. She starts a new school where she is the only black girl. Her parents were very active during the Civil Rights era and encourage her to be like minded. But Tiphanie just wants to have a normal high school experience without so much racial tension. She does make friends with Jackie, an outcast hippie, and attempts to fit in with the rest of her classmates just fifteen years after desegregation. 

Stead, Rebecca. When You Reach Me. YA STE – The year is 1978. Miranda is in sixth grade, lives in New York City with her mother, and her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time. She starts receiving cryptic notes that she believes are from someone in the future. The notes say they are trying to save her life.