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Sleuth Through These Pages

Spies are mysterious, secretive, stealthy, and all around fascinating. So sneak into the library and investigate some of these top secret books: 

  1. Carter, Ally. I’d Tell you I love you, But Then I’d have to Kill You. YA CAR – What would you do if your mom, a former spy, was the head of an elite academy that trained young women to become experts in espionage? Well, if you’re Cammie Morgan you learn fourteen languages and take classes in Covert Operations. At the Gallagher Academy, Cammie and her friends live a top secret life of excitement, adventure, intrigue and hard work.  (Gallagher Girls series : 5 books)
  2. Brennan, Herbie. The Shadow Project. YA BRE – Danny Lipman, thief extraordinaire, finds himself mixed up in a lot more adventure than he ever anticipated when he tries to rob the wrong house. It happened to be the headquarters of a government organization that trains teenage spies using a top-secret, highly classified experiment. When they observe Danny’s natural talent they decide to recruit him. (If you enjoy this book try the sequel: The Doomsday Box)
  3. Horowitz, Anthony. Stormbreaker. YA HOR – Alex Rider is fourteen years old when his uncle, and guardian, is assassinated. Alex had no idea that his uncle was part of an undercover world full of danger and is shocked by his death. But it doesn’t take long for Alex to be forced into that world and after a very brief training period he becomes an MI6 agent. (Alex Rider series : 9 books)
  4. Bradbury, Jennifer. Wrapped. YA BRA – The year is 1815 and sixteen year old Agnes Wilkins would rather be an Egyptologist than a debutante in London society. She attends Lord Showalter’s mummy-unwrapping party and gets more than she bargained for. She stumbles upon an ancient artifact and a message intended for a spy.
  5. Bruchac, Joseph. Wolf Mark. YA BRU – Luke has spent years learning martial arts and acquiring the skills of a spy from his black-ops father. Luke is still grieving the recent death of his mother when his dad gets kidnapped and he must use everything he has learned in order to get his father back. He makes some surprising discoveries about his heritage along the way.
  6. Heath, Jack. The Lab. YA HEA – ChaoSonic is a future city that remains isolated from the rest of the world and controls the people who live there. One group, called the Deck, causes trouble for the city. They have Agent Six of Hearts, who has superhuman abilities from genetic experiments that were carried out in the Lab of ChaoSonic. He escaped as a child but is being sent back in as a spy to put an end to their testing. (Check out Remote Control to continue the story.)
  7. Higson, Charles. SilverFin. YA HIG – James Bond is the quintessential spy. He’s charming, self assured, and capable. At least, that’s what he becomes as an adult. But what was he like when he was a teenager? This first book in  the James Bond adventures gives a chance to see what he was like before he became Bond. James Bond.
  8. Higgins, Jack. Sure Fire. YA HIG – Jade and Rich are twins who live in London. After their mother is killed in a car accident, the father they’ve never known anything about makes an appearance in their lives. Then he disappears. They discover that he’s a British Secret Agent and they immerse themselves in the world of intrigue and espionage in order to find their father. (This is the first book in the Rich and Jade series.)
  9. Janeczko, Paul B. The Dark Game: True Spy Stories. 327.73 JAN – This book shares true spy stories from the time of the Revolutionary War up to the Cold War. Many elements of a spy’s life, such as gadgets, secret codes, surveillance and training are discussed.