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Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

If you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga and have already read the series, try some of these other paranormal romances. 

What to read if you’re Team Edward:

  • Fantaskey, Beth. Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.  YA FAN – Jessica Packwood is a high school student. She’s involved with 4-H, really good at math, and has been raised by vegan parents. Oh yeah, and by the way, she’s a vampire princess. At least that is what the new guy at school, Lucius Vladescu from Romania keeps insisting. And he is the vampire prince whom she is   betrothed to.
  • Pike, Christopher. Thirst.  YA PIK – Alisa has been a vampire for five thousand years. After all that time she is suddenly faced with the threat of being hunted by the one who turned her into what she is. She befriends Ray and takes advantage of his help. But then she starts to fall in love with him and her own life is not all she has to worry about.
  • Gray, Claudia. Evernight. YA GRA – Evernight Academy is a boarding school attended by rich vampires (and some humans). Bianca Olivier does not want to go there but her parents have both taken teaching jobs at the academy.  Bianca is determined to make her escape, until she meets Lucas. (Book #1 in the Evernight Series)
  • Smith, L.J. The Awakening. YA SMI – Elena Gilbert is a beautiful, self assured high school student dealing with the tragedy of losing both of her parents. Stefan and Damon are two vampire brothers who add a lot of mystery and secrets to the small town where she lives.  Elena finds herself receiving attention from both of them. (Book #1 in The Vampire Diaries)
  • Cast, P.C. Marked. YA CAS – The House of Night is a special school. Vampyres mark exceptional humans to go there so that they can become vampyres as well. Zoey feels like an outcast, never fitting in until she is marked. Even though she’s a little unsure at first, she is ready for a new life. (Book #1 in The House of Night series)
  • De la Cruz, Melissa. Blue Bloods.  YA DEL – Schuyler Van Alen is fifteen, lives in New York City, and her family is rich. She starts experiencing some strange things (her veins are turning blue, she craves raw meat) and discovers that she is a vampire. Her life feels a little more dangerous when she learns that vampires are being hunted. (Book #1 in the Blue Bloods series)
  • Pauley, Kimberly. Sucks to be Me. YA PAU – Sixteen year old Mina’s parents are both vampires. When the Vampire Council discovers that her parents have a human daughter that they have been keeping secret they are not happy. Now, Mina must decide by her seventeenth birthday whether to become a vampire herself or remain human.

What to read if you’re Team Jacob:

  • Stiefvater, Maggie. Shiver. YA STI – When Grace was a child she was attacked by wolves. And then she was saved by one of them. She watches the yellow-eyed wolf every winter. When she meets Sam in a book store one summer she can’t help but notice his yellow eyes. (Book #1 in Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy)
  • Cremer, Andrea. Nightshade.  YA CRE – Calla is the Alpha female of a werewolf pack. It has been arranged for her to marry Ren, the Alpha male of another, in order to combine the two packs. But then she takes on the responsibility of protecting the human Shay and he starts to steal her heart. (Book #1 in the Nightshade series)
  • Despain, Bree. The Dark Divine. YA DES – Mysterious things happen in Grace Divine’s life. In one night her brother Jude comes home with unexplained injuries and their best friend Daniel disappears. Now, years later, Daniel has returned. Grace becomes more and more attracted to Daniel as strange things start happening in their neighborhood.
  • Johnson, Christine. Claire de Lune.  YA JOH – Claire is a werewolf, but it is kept secret from her until her sixteenth birthday, when her transformations will begin. Unfortunately, it is not a great time to be a werewolf. People in town are being attacked and killed by a rogue wolf which pushes the human protection agency to go after them. Claire is falling in love with Matthew, who seems to like her just as much. But it is Matthew’s father who is the head of the agency that is trying to gain control over the werewolves.
  • Barnes, Jennifer.  Raised by Wolves.  YA BAR – When Bryn was four she was orphaned, then taken in and raised by werewolves. She is loyal to the pack and especially Callum, the alpha male and a father figure to her. But then she starts unearthing secrets, one of which is a boy named Chase who was locked in Callum’s basement. (Book #1 in the Raised by Wolves series)
  • Delany, Shannon. 13 to Life. YA DEL – Jessie is still learning to cope after the death of her mother when things start changing in her small hometown.  She has always had a crush on Derek but now there is a mysterious new guy in town who is interested in her, Pietr Rusakov. At first Jessie resists his attentions because her best friend, Sarah, has her eye on him. But it is Jessie who discovers Pietr’s big secret.
  • Davis, Heather. Never Cry Werewolf.  YA DAV – Shelby and her new stepmother don’t get along. She has no desire to go to summer camp but her stepmom persuades her father that it’s necessary. When Shelby gets to camp she meets Austin, the attractive son of a famous rock star and she starts to feel better about being there. But she soon discovers there is a lot more to Austin than meets the eye. He has a dangerous secret.