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Travel the World

Taking a trip to another country can be a fun and exciting experience. There are always different customs and cultures to learn about. No travel plans in the immediate future? Pick up one of these 11 books and find yourself in Asia, Europe, South America, or Africa. 

  • Resau, Laura. The Indigo Notebook. YA RES – Travel is a way of life for fifteen year old Zeeta. Every year her mother picks a new country for them to live in.  For every location Zeeta gets a different colored notebook to write down her experiences. In Ecuador, where she fills out her indigo notebook, she learns about the country and its culture, but also discovers a lot about herself.
  • Carter, Ally. Heist Society. YA CAR – Kat Bishop’s father is an international art thief. In fact, it’s a family business that she’s learned from an early age. But she wants a more normal life and has immersed herself in a distinguished boarding school. When her father gets into some trouble though, she reenters the world of elaborate heists and travels to five different countries (Italy, Austria, Poland, England, and France) in two weeks.
  • Dixon, Franklin W. Endangered Species. YA DIX – Hardy boys, Frank and Joe, start an investigation that takes them on an adventure to Kenya. The mystery involves poachers, smugglers, and a lot of African wildlife.
  • Brashares, Ann. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. YA BRA – Four best friends reluctantly go their own separate ways over the summer. Although their locations range from Greece, Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. they stay connected and share their experiences through a magical pair of pants.
  • Donnelly, Jennifer. Revolution. YA DON – Andi Alpers is having a hard time coping at her private school in Brooklyn.  When the school contacts her father he decides to bring her to Paris where he is doing research. While staying at the home of a distinguished historian she finds a diary and buries herself in the story of a young woman from the eighteenth century.
  • Perkins, Stephanie. Anna and the French Kiss. YA PER – A boarding school in Paris is not where Anna had planned on spending her senior year of high school. In fact, all of her plans involved staying in Atlanta. Nonetheless, her father sends her to Paris and Anna is not thrilled. But when she is befriended by handsome Etienne St. Clair things start to feel a lot better. Too bad he already has a girlfriend.
  • Watson, Sasha. Vidalia in Paris. YA WAT – Summertime in Paris is a dream come true for Vidalia. The summer before her senior year of high school she wins a scholarship to study art there. When she meets handsome Marco and starts spending time with him studying art turns into stealing art. Vidalia has to work through her feelings for Marco and guilt over the art thefts. 
  • Ibbotson, Eva. A Company of Swans. YA IBB – Growing up in Cambridge, England with her father, Professor Morton, has been a little bleak for Harriet. When the Russian Ballet comes through town Harriet decides to follow them to their next performance site, the Amazon. She runs away from home and makes her way to Brazil. There she discovers a world of beauty, excitement and love. But how long will it take for her strict, overbearing father to find her?
  • McDonald, Abby. Sophomore Switch. YA MCD – Tasha and Emily, two very different girls who live on different continents, have one thing in common: they are college students who both need a change. Both girls enroll in a student exchange program and ultimately switch places with each other. Tasha ends up at distinguished Oxford University in the United Kingdom, while Emily goes to sunny California to attend UC Santa Barbara.
  • Meehan, Kieran. Hannah’s Winter. YA MEE – Twelve year old Hannah is not thrilled to leave her home in Australia and travel to Japan so that her mother can do research for a book she’s writing. But she quickly makes friends with Miki, a girl her age, and they become wrapped up in a mystery that involves a toy box, a riddle, and some fun destinations.
  • Jensen, Melissa. Falling in Love with English Boys. YA JEN – For Cat Vernon, spending the summer in London is not exciting. Her friends aren’t there, she doesn’t know anybody, and there’s nothing to do. Then she starts reading the diary of Katherine Percival, a young woman from the early 19th century. Cat starts to see some parallels between Katherine’s life and her own. To top it off, she meets William Percival, Katherine’s very attractive descendant.