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Travel Through the (P)Ages

If you had a time machine, where would you go? A brief stay on the Titanic? Or maybe you would visit your great grandparents to see how life was back then. What about a pirate ship filled with danger and adventure? Try some of these books, whose characters go back in time to various periods and places. 

Falkner, Brian. The Project. YA FAL – Luke and Tommy find what they believe to be the most boring book in the world. But their discovery sets off a chain of events that is anything but boring. It seems that the book contains a design for a time travel machine and they become embroiled in a plot to change history.

Turetsky, Bianca. The Time Traveling Fashionista. YA TUR – Louise Lambert, who has a passion for vintage clothing, accepts an invitation to the Traveling Fashionista Vintage Sale. She falls in love with a dress, tries it on, and wakes up as a passenger on the Titanic. Suddenly, she is living the life of Alice Baxter, who owned the dress before. Although this is very exciting and the clothes are great, Louise knows that she must figure out how to get back to her own time period and fast. (Sequel coming out this September: The Time Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette).

Monir, Alexandra. Timeless. YA MON – Michele Windsor has never met her wealthy, Manhattan grandparents. But when tragedy strikes she is uprooted from her home in California to live in their mansion. One day she finds the diary of her great-great aunt Clara. When she starts reading it she is suddenly transported back to the time it was written, the 1910s.

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Found. YA HAD – Thirteen years ago, Jonah and Chip were infant passengers on a mysterious plane. There was no sign of the plane until is landed and there were no adults on board, not even a pilot. When the boys start to receive foreboding letters they try to figure out what’s going on. Their search leads them right into a time travel journey. (first book in the Missing Series).

Twain, Mark. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. YA TWA – In this classic time travel story, a young man who lives in Connecticut during the 1800s is suddenly transported back medieval England during the time King Arthur.

Bell, Ted. Nick of Time. YA BEL – Right before the beginning of World War II, twelve year old Nick happens upon a sea chest that contains small, glowing orbs. He soon finds out that the orbs are used for time travel. He jumps back in time and encounters pirates and a Spanish fleet and even has the opportunity to help his great-great grandfather. (first book in the Nick McIver Series).

Hoffman, Mary. Stravaganza: City of Masks. YA HOF – Not only is Lucien a time traveler, but he travels between worlds as well. He spends part of his life as a chemo patient, unable to get out of bed. But he also has a life in a city called Bellezza, similar to 16th century Venice, where he is mobile, healthy and influential. The city is full of magic and adventure.  (first book in the Stravaganza Series).

Curley, Marianne. Old Magic. YA CUR – Jarrod may not realize that he has strong paranormal powers. But when he walks into a new school and crosses paths with Kate Warren, she senses the magic in him immediately. Kate was raised by her grandmother, a practicing witch, and is a witch in training herself. With help from her grandma, Jarrod’s powers take them back to a 13th century English castle were he can confront an age old curse that was placed on his family.

Cooper, Susan. Victory. YA COO – Present day: Molly’s family has moved from Connecticut to London and she is horribly homesick. 1803: Sam, from England, is serving in the kitchen aboard the H.M.S. Victory - a battleship. When Molly uncovers a small piece of the Victory’s flag she starts to see snippets of Sam’s life. The connection between them grows stronger until Molly’s visions of Sam become quite real.