Get a Library Card

Who can get a library card?

  • If you live within the Village of Morton limits, you live in the Morton Public Library District and you have paid for your library card through property taxes, either as a homeowner or renter. Homeowners can check their property tax bills to see if they pay taxes to the Morton Public Library. To find out if you live withint the district, provide your address to a staff member at the Checkout Desk and they can check for you.
  • Students attending a District 709 school, Bethel Lutheran School, or Blessed Sacrament School, and who live outside a library district may aslo get a library card for the 2017-18 school year. See below.

How do I get my library card? 

  • Come to the Morton Library Checkout Desk and ask for a card. 
  • Please bring with you a photo ID along with proof of your current address. Examples of acceptable identification are: Driver's license, bank statement, apartment lease, checkbook or utility bill.
  • Each member of your household may also receive a card with the following provisions: Those under the age of 14 must have permission of a parent or legal guardian. Children may receive their first library card when they can print their first and last name. 
  • Cards are valid for three years and may be renewed.

Where can I use my library card? 

  • Your valid library card is also honored at other libraries that are tax-supported and are members of a library system in the state of Illinois.

Can I get a library card if I don’t live in the district?

You can purchase a non-resident Morton Public Library card if both of the following are true:

  1. You do not pay property taxes to any other library district AND
  2. The Morton Public Library is the closest library to your home OR you live in the Morton School District.

Non-resident cards

If you live outside the Morton Village limits, in an area that does not have access to public library service, you may be eligible to purchase a non-resident library card from the Morton Public Library. The non-resident card must be purchased from the public library closest to the patron's home address. Your non-resident card is good at most libraries in Illinois. In lieu of taxes, out of district borrowers pay a fee of $130 for one year, effective July 1, 2018. Please refer to the library's Out of District Borrower Policyfor more information. 

Student Use Cards

Through an intergovernmental Agreement with Morton School District 709, students who attend a District 709 school but live outside a library district are eligible for a student card for the 2017-2018 school year. To receive their student cards, they must bring proof of their address as well as proof of enrollment at District 709. Students who attend Bethel Lutheran School or Blessed Sacrament School and live outside a library district are also eligible for a student card.

For Visitors

  • The Morton Public Library honors library cards from all public libraries in Illinois who are members of a library system.
  • If you do not have a library card, you may still use any library materials in the building at no charge. You may also use any public-use computers. In order to check out and take home books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, or audio books you must show your library card.  


If you're not sure whether you are eligible to purchase a non-resident library card or to receive a free library card, please call the library for more information 309-263-2200.